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A community for fans of the Expanse

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Name:A community for fans of the Expanse novels and TV
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Community description:The Expanse TV series, novels and short stories
Oye! Welcome aboard the Rocinante.

Pull up a crash couch and grab a bulb of Holden's coffee. He won't mind.

This is your safe haven to discuss anything and everything about Expanse - be it the novels, the short stories or the TV series. You can share fanworks and theories and just general squee. If anyone fancies teaching the rest of us Belter Creole, that would be great! You can even discuss the cast and crew, if that is what your heart desires.

Although we're an MCRN ship, we stick to the rules about as well as Miller does. But we do have a few that we insist on:

  • No bashing. That includes other people, as well as the cast.

  • YKINMK - if you don't like what other people post, don't read it. In return, we would appreciate it if you would use cut tags if you think other people might not like what you're posting.

  • Spoiler policy: For two weeks after an episode has aired, or a month after a new book has been released, please keep anything spoilery hidden under a cut. It's only polite.

So, anyway, I'm kayim and I'll be your host here. if you have any questions, just message me.

Unte kowlting gut, to pochuye ke?

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